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Convert HEIC to PNG

This free online tool converts your HEIC to PNG format, applying the best compression methods.

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How do I convert HEIC to other formats?

  1. Click "Upload File" to select the HEIC you wish to convert.
  2. The tool will check the format and then convert it accordingly to the tab currently selected.
  3. After the loader disappears, click the "Download File" or image on screen.

What is a HEIC(High Efficiency Image File Format) file?

HEIC file contains images saved in the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), most commonly used to store photos on iOS devices.

These images are most commonly produced by an IPad or IPhone's camera app and also captures the metadata in thr process.

Convert HEIC to JPEG and HEIC to PNG is available.

What is a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file?

PNG format is a raster-based file type that compresses images for portability.

PNGs are most commonly used for graphic and icon designs.

Whereas a JPG might suffer more from compression, the PNG maintains it the best making it suitable for specific needs.

But unlike JPGs, PNG is not the best suited for photographs.

Convert JPEG to PNG is available.

We offer compression for the above formats for free! Compression is available HERE